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Tape calculator for Windows.

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    I once had a neat substitute for the Windows calculator that had all sorts of scientific functions, units and scientific constants in a small footprint. That was years ago and now I can't find it right now. I thought it was Moffsoft, but I've just downloaded it again and that's not it. I see a few similarly small and handy ones that also provide a paper trail to keep track of my calculations; if you're like me, you like to know what you just did. These aren't full-fledged math packages, just quick-loading tools for common operations.

    Calcute: neat/small (http://calcute.com)
    ESBCalc: but not full expressions (http://esbconsult.com/esbcalc/esbcalc.htm)
    Freecalc: but not full expressions (http://moffsoft.com/freecalc.htm)
    SpeQ: also plots functions (http://www.speqmath.com)

    I'm looking at alternatives in the same style. If you use another handy one that is free (because I'm cheap) and small (preferably portable) then post it. Maybe you know the one I'm talking about.


    EDIT: Not 5 minutes after posting this I found the one I was talking about: AllerCalc. But I won't post a link because Firefox is warning me about dangerous downloads from their web site. I have no details of what it may be. Is anyone using it? Or does anyone know if it contains malware?
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    Firefox will warn you about downloading any executable from any website, I believe.

    - Warren
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    My mistake: the warning is from the Yahoo search page. I get no warning using Google.
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