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Tapping off BEMF

  1. Jun 8, 2012 #1
    I have a coil essembly that is pulsed with a permanent magnet rotor that spins at a very high rate, supplied with a DC current. Taking readings with my multimeter I noticed that I was getting intermitent 39V+ spikes. I then installed a 1A 50V dioed accross the coil which just increased the spin rate. I would like to tap off these spikes and redirect it to another coil, either by way of induction or a direct connection to the first/primary coil. It is my attempt to disapate the pulse, in this second coil in/above a diamagnetic substraight, to see the effect. Because I'm not an EE I lack the terminology and formal learning in this regard. I understand that the first and second coils EM field will expand and collapse regardless of tapping off the higher voltage spikes. So I would need to supress/redirect this somehow.

    If any of you have knowledge or reference to disruptive EM pulse frequencies, since I will need to know a bit about this as well.

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