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Target stores adding a third bathroom for transgender use

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    Target's talking about adding small unisex bathrooms in its stores that don't already have one for transgender people to use. Small one person unisex bathrooms are more dangerous. Someone can push someone in there and attack them, and because it's a one person bathroom, no one will come in, see it, and try to stop them.

    When I'm in the restroom I just want to do my business and leave, the biological gender of the other people in there with me is irrelevant. I'm not worried about other people's business.
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    Then you should not use the new restrooms.
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    I never considered that single stall bathrooms might be dangerous and I'm not sure I buy it or that it is even relevant. Remember, bathroom quantity is set by building codes, so there is always a minimum size for a business below which they only provide single stall bathrooms. There are lots and lots of businesses like that, so if safety is an issue it already is. So I see exclusive or additional single-stall bathrooms as a potential solution here. The danger I see is mostly for schools where kids might abuse the extra privacy. There are other potential drawbacks though such as cost and space.

    The other solution would be purely unisex, combined bathrooms, which exist in some places (mostly LGBT clubs I would think), where people use separate stalls with floor to ceiling dividers, then share sinks.
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    I'm sure that for many transgendered people the risk of abuse will be far lower in a single stall than a mixed.
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    I don't see Target's justification either.
    Is this another one of these trying to be politically correct but don't know why, type of decisions.
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    Have you not heard of the senseless controversy in recent months over transgendered people using the bathroom? Transgendered people have faced abuse when forced to use a bathroom of a gender they don't identify with. Can you imagine how awkward, shameful and scary it would be to look like a woman and have to walk into a busy men's bathroom, or vise versa?

    The fact is that transgendered people have been using bathrooms appropriate for them for years and years. Chances are you've been to the bathroom whilst a transgendered person was there and never noticed. But now it's suddenly an issue with various groups wanting to stop it, even going so far as to propose ridiculous ideas like requiring transgendered school kids to wear identifying wristbands.

    It's not "political correctness", it's ensuring that everyone has equal access to an everyday facility without having to face prejudice.
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