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News Targeting kids and women?

  1. Nov 2, 2005 #1
    “I will destroy the houses on the kids and women in every town tolerate with terrorists”

    This is what the Iraqi defense minister (Sadoun Deilimi) told the Arabiya TV!

    Will we miss Saddam?
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    Terrorism is as terrorism does.
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    Can you cite him directly as saying that?

    And did you translate that yourself, or is that a direct quote from a source? The grammar of that sentence is ridiculous, and the way it's worded, it sounds like he actually wants to destroy houses by breaking them on kids and women.
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    I translated it. He said that a few hours ago to Arabiya TV. His comments are mentioned also on the internet in Arabic. This TV station is a supporter of USA, and it is against Aljazeera TV.

    Here is the original site in Arabic:


    On the top of the homepage:

    ((الدليمي يهدد بنسف أي منزل يأوي أرهابيين على رؤوس نسائه وأطفاله))

    “Delami (defense minister) warns that he will destroy the houses over the heads of kids and women if they allowed any terrorist to hide in”

    More details:

    من جانب آخر، أعلن وزير الدفاع العراقي سعدون الدليمي عن نية القوات العراقية والأمريكية شن حملة عسكرية واسعة النطاق على عدد من المناطق العراقية، بعد عيد الفطر المبارك مباشرة، متوعدا في الوقت نفسه بهدم كل منزل يأوي أي "إرهابي"، على رؤوس نسائه وأطفاله، على حد قوله.

    Delimi told the journalists that the American and the Iraqi forces will attack several areas in Iraq after the feast (muslims feast after Ramdan). He declared that the forces will destroy any house on the head of the kids and women if they find any terrorists inside. He considers this as the last warning.

    I think some western journalists will publish it.

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    You can read some English comments on this article in the bottom of the homepage:

    Mike |02/11/2005 م، 15:22 (السعودية)، 12:22 (جرينيتش)
    this guy sounds like sharon ... no wonder that his people dont like him

    Who`s the Terrorist
    Mansour |02/11/2005 م، 15:56 (السعودية)، 12:56 (جرينيتش)
    Who`s the Terrorist ya Dulaeimi? killer of women and children

    shame on you
    human |02/11/2005 م، 16:22 (السعودية)، 13:22 (جرينيتش)
    At least the Israili forces when they want to destroy a house, they take the family out then they destroy the house. It looks nothing changed in Iraq, they are still bringing people with the same mentality of saddam. When we read about these kind of actions we start to feel that the iraqi people cannot be ruled anymore without the mentality of sadam and the new Delami. Mr. Delami put the children and the women of iraq as a target to cover his failure in runing after the terrorist. Shame on you, you shouldn`t be in that position, you should be sitting next to saddam and his follower cause you belong to the same mentality like them.

    i hope so and soon
    jamil momani |02/11/2005 م، 16:27 (السعودية)، 13:27 (جرينيتش)
    u will be killed like a dog , and belive me it will be really soon u and everybody like u

    JAM |02/11/2005 م، 16:30 (السعودية)، 13:30 (جرينيتش)
    This is Al irhab Al Amriky killing of Women and children

    its not the way
    Abdallah |02/11/2005 م، 16:42 (السعودية)، 13:42 (جرينيتش)
    day after day the rulers on (new ) Iraq are proving to their people and the whole world that they know little politics and have no wisdome. they remind me with the lebanese polititians after the war. I want to say to this minister that he should be protecting his people and not threatening if he cant do that so I simply advise him to go away and let another person do his job.

    this is what we want
    hamza |02/11/2005 م، 16:42 (السعودية)، 13:42 (جرينيتش)
    he is a great minster for defence, we do support him. as there will be no mercy for the terrorists and their families, let them leave iraq and go somewhere else even if they are iraqis , as we don`t want them.

    Saadon is brave
    Haider |02/11/2005 م، 17:55 (السعودية)، 14:55 (جرينيتش)
    Saadon AlDulaimy is the bravest man in the Iraqi government. Ha said what should have been said 2 years ago.. Allah bless every brave like Saadon

    To the Iraqi Defense Minister
    Bakuba |02/11/2005 م، 17:56 (السعودية)، 14:56 (جرينيتش)
    Bring it on. I dare you to do what you said. . Ya Sa3don ayaaamak kaseera. You will end like the others in MAZBALAT el TAREEEKH

    freedom iraqi
    john/syrian |02/11/2005 م، 19:23 (السعودية)، 16:23 (جرينيتش)
    hello freedom iraqi wellcome to syrian too but not syrian do something bad for syria syrian see freedom iraqi what now and freedom usa too so arabic up if someone bad we syrian not hello syrian i love syrian and syria freedom kill
    iraqi hello

    shame on you
    amer |02/11/2005 م، 20:32 (السعودية)، 17:32 (جرينيتش)
    this behavior is no deferent than the killer Sharrown apparently you are trained well by your kind the sharrown kind (your time will come.)

    let them all go
    Raheem |03/11/2005 م، 0:15 (السعودية)، 21:15 (جرينيتش)
    i just don`t care about the terrorists and their families. their children will be terrorists one day as they can`t rear them to the good standard of humanity. the best thing to do is to finish them all. inshallah whatever is happening to my country iraq will happen to the arabic states one after the other, ya allah let us see their black day as soon as possible,

    Crazy Monster!!!. not Minster
    Abdulaziz-UK |03/11/2005 م، 1:3 (السعودية)، 22:3 (جرينيتش)
    This Dolamei behaves like the old russian leaders!!!He does not know that Islam forbidden killing old people and women and children even if they are not muslims. I Since this is his way, he will never live safe because his house is made from Glass. Thank you

    ((Most of the comments on this article call him as new Sharon ( the Israeli PM) because he is the most popular leader in middle east in destroying the towns over the heads of civilians as he did in Qebiya 1956, Gaza 1972, Sabra and Chatila 1982, Jenin and Nablus 2002.))
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  7. Nov 2, 2005 #6
    That's horrible that he said that.

    Would you mind keeping track of the news for a day or two to see if any other Iraqi politicians publicly criticize him for this, and if there's a significant amount of people who are outraged by this?

    Saying such stupid things are one thing, but if no one is angered and there isn't a public outcry against him, that's totally different.
  8. Nov 2, 2005 #7
    Worst that saying it is doing it....
    I wonder what would happen in a situation where rebels figthing against american or irak troop retreat and enter by force in a civilian house, how do you know they did it by force and was not invited???

    Anyway, americans don't do bodycounts, who cares right?
  9. Nov 2, 2005 #8
    Certainly it's worse to do it than say it, but he hasn't yet made that the policy of the Iraqi military, has he?

    What I'm saying is this: many politicians say lots of extreme things, it doesn't mean that they'll necessarily act upon them.

    Hopefully he's just talking tough and won't act on these ridiculous promises. What's important in a democracy is that if someone makes a comment like this that the populace publicly denounce such thinking, and other politicians make it known that they disagree with the defense minister.
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    Can we have a more reputable website to confirm? The last "alarming" statement you put up turned out to be fake.
  11. Nov 2, 2005 #10


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    Well, if it is true that he said these things, the people now have the ability to vote his butt out :)
  12. Nov 2, 2005 #11
    And in three years just how many houses can he bomb?

    Now you see the problem the rest of the world has with Bush ... Yup ... You're a democracy however he can ram through a war with little problem using emergency measures set up on your books.

    Like I said, what if he talks to god again and he says 'nuke Iran'?

    That football is looking fairly dangerous now isn't it?

    But don't worry ... you can vote him out in a few years.:biggrin:
  13. Nov 2, 2005 #12


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    ha, now they have to deal with this pain in the ass called democracy.
  14. Nov 2, 2005 #13
    Al-Arabiya is considered to be a credible news station. (In fact, it's the most-watched news channel in Iraq.)
  15. Nov 2, 2005 #14


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    That actually doesn't help your case for most left-leaning people here. Good enough for me, but most left-leaning people won't accept it (or well you think they wouldn't since they have complained before that it isn't credible right now).
  16. Nov 3, 2005 #15

    Rumor has it that the US and Interim Iraqi government have teamed up to produce the worlds first "Women & Children" Launcher.
    Flinging the bodies of these people at their own homes will cause a great psycholigical victory.
  17. Nov 3, 2005 #16
    yeh, I really wish we (The rest of the world) didnt have to care who the Americans voted in... Perhaps an idea would be to allow the whole world to deside who can run for office and who cant, so we can ween out the fanatics :biggrin:

    Perhaps someone like daffy duck, would be a good president for you
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