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Tarot cards

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    i just think it's funny that people actually think that a deck of cards can predict anything in their lives. that's all.
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    Tarot and More fee us

    I would tend to agree with you. Yet, I like to keep an open mind and play with ideas. Imagine that they do. How might it be?

    There are some who would argue that using Tarot to predict the future is an abuse or misunderstanding of the accumulated spiritual wisdom contained in the cards.

    Do you believe that is is possible to know the future at all?
    Astronomers are quite good at predicting future events. Does the future just happen or are agents necessary to make it happen as in Asimov's FOUNDATION series?
    Maybe, everyone knows the future but chooses to forget it so as not to spoil the game.
    What would you say if you were a hypnotist working in Baltimore Maryland and a woman named Louise who worked for a government agency did some hypnotic regression work and on being brought forward into a future time near the millennium, she saw a major disaster involving planes crashing due to a skyjacking. Would you dismiss it outright as a work of her imagination? Everbody knows it is impossible to know the future.
    Or,imagine that there are self similar patterns of information on small scales that repeat on a larger scale and become a part of human consciousness so that humans enact those patterns in their daily lives. Human constructs such as buildings and place names become a part of an information physics and the future is contained in these constructs of human consciousness if one knows how to read them. It isn't so much that those things themselves predict the future but that they are part of a larger timeless pattern.
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    Not the cards, of course, but yes the people who manages the cards. He or She can predict things, this is a fact, but not due to the cards or any strange divine power.

    They only use psicology, they can deduct things only viewing how do you enter, how do you sit down, how do you speak, how is your cloth, what are you asking for...
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    True understanding and familiarity with the phenomenon would inform you that such simple accounts are not powerful enough to fully explain them.
    Personally I (tentatively) think the answer is closer to what laserblue has indicated. Underlying patterns we are not aware of but that we tap into... synchronicity, information fields or whatever you want to call it. This also explains apparently psychic phenomena such as being able to 'guess' hidden information at levels above chance that are statistically significant. Experiments have indicated such phenomena with enough regularity that it makes more scientific sense to say that there is something going on here beyond random chance. And no, it's not reducible to psicology; the control of the experiments ensure this. There is something stranger than is dreamed of in our philosophy at work.
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