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Tars Robot

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    well , i want to build a very simple walking robot . but i would like to have a special walking mechanism . i'd like it to be like Tars robot in interstellar movie . this video shows the movement mechanism of it . the problem i can't figure out how to build such mechanism of movement . any help will be more than appreciated
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    Simon Bridge

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    motors, levers and a shifting center of mass.
    It seems simple enough to discover by experiment.
    You can build the basic frame out of lego or mechano or just blocks of wood to see where you have to shift things about - start by getting it to move like a man on crutches, then work out the other modes:

    A problem with trying to reproduce the motion of machines found in movies is that objects like the Tars robot are CGI and puppetry - i.e. not subject to the same constraints. You are unlikely to get it exactly the same.

    The kind of thing you are attempting, though it seems simple, is actually the subject of postgrad research in robotics.
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    well , i really appreciate you concern simon bridge . but would you please be more specific or even give a resource i can search in as I am nope in this field . i even don't know how pulleys , levers and motors work . so if there is any online course or a textbook describing such stuff please tell me ....

    Thanks in advance
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    Welcome to the PF.

    Since you are just starting out in robotics, perhaps consider starting with a simpler project. I did a Google Images search on Beginner Robotics Projects, and got a lot of interesting looking hits. See if any of these look like they would be fun to start out with:



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    Simon Bridge

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    ... an advanced project like TARS will require, at least, that knowledge. I'll recommend the same as berkeman. Possibly even get starter engineering project kits like lego technik or mechano.
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