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Homework Help: Tarzan swinging on a vine .PLEASE HELP

  1. Apr 16, 2009 #1
    Tarzan swinging on a vine.....PLEASE HELP

    starting from rest at point A, Tarzan (whose mass = 100kg) swings on a 10 m long vine, which initially makes a 60deg angle with with the vertical.

    a) how much lower than the starting point A is Tarzan, when he reaches point B, the lowest part of his swing?
    i got 1.34

    b)how much work has earths gravity done on tarzan between points A and B
    i got 4387.80Joules

    c) how fast is tarzan moving at point B? neglect friction
    > i dont understand how to approach this one
    d) what is the tension in the vine when tarzan passes throught point B?
    > yeh don't know about this one either
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    Re: Tarzan swinging on a vine.....PLEASE HELP

    Please try.......
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