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Tattoo of Newton's second law

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    So this is slightly off topic but still physics related.

    I want to get a tattoo of Newton's second law in a few forms on my arm and this is what I've settled on:


    The only thing I am a bit worried about, is although I aesthetically like the partial derivative symbolism better am I just a bit worried about having something permanent on my arm that is incorrect. So just as a verification, would it be silly if the partial differential symbols were used in place of the ordinary ones? Thanks guys!
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    Ben Niehoff

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    Re: Tatoo?

    Yes, it looks silly.
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    Re: Tatoo?

    don't get equations tattooed, ever
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    Re: Tatoo?

    Agreed with both of them
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    Re: Tatoo?

    you could tatoo yourself with a collection of prime numbers and then when someone asks you could say you're the indivisible man.

    if you like the flow of the partial maybe you should look into Tengwar the elven language in the Lord of the Rings. Its cryptic but can be phonetically pronounced and looks cool although perhaps not as a tatoo.
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    Re: Tatoo?

    Ba doom tish!
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    Re: Tatoo?

    Agreed. Equations in particular are just silly, though there is nothing wrong with mathematical concepts in general (I've been working on a design that illustrates a mapping between a simplicial complex and a 2-sphere)
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