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Homework Help: Taylor expansion of x^x

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    please help to calculate the taylor polynomial for
    [URL]http://latex.codecogs.com/gif.latex?f(x)=x^{x}-1[/URL] around the point a=1

    i thought to write it as g(x)=x^x
    and then f(x)=g(x)-1
    and then find the polynomial for g(x) as lng(x)=xln(x)
    but it seems incorrect.
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    In order to do this you have to calculate the derivative if [tex]y=x^{x}$[/tex], take logs of this equation and differentiate that using implicit differentiation and that will help you, or you could write:
    x^{x}=e^{x\log x}
    And use the chain rule
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    successfully managed by directly calculating the taylor polynomial when
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