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Homework Help: Taylor Series Starting Method

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    With a simple ODE like [itex]\frac{ds}{dt} = 10 - 9.8t[/itex] and you're given an initial condition of s(0) = 1, when doing the approximation would s'(0) = 10 - 9.8(0), s'' = ... etc?
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    Yes, you are given s(0) so just plug it into the given equation and solve for s'(0). Actually, the crucial point is under your "etc." Since
    s'= 10- 9.8t, s"= -9.8, s"'= 0, etc. It should be no surprise that s is a quadratic function of t.

    It would be more interesting if there were an "s" on the right side of the equation.
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    Thanks for the help.
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