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Taylor series

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    Show that, with an appropriate choice of constant c, the taylor series of


    has terms which decay as 1/n^2

    I know that ln(1+x) decays as 1/n, but I don't know how to show the above. Please help.

    Thanks in advance
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    It's against the forum rules to post the exactly same question in two different subforums. You should delete one of them.
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    My apologies, I am just beginning to use this forum. I did not know how to delete them, so I just cleared the content within the others.
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    The other copies are now deleted.
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    By the way, welcome to the forum and I'm sorry I got a bit snippy there. I tend to do that (this is not a forum for the thinskinned) without thinking about significant things like, hey you're new here.

    What's even worse is that after giving you a hard time I can't even answer your question. Fortunately for you, not everyone here is as useless as I am.
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