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TDM (Time density & Mass)

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    Personally I don't like the term of theory of everything, as in reality it is not and never can be.

    However there is a way of linking microscopic,macroscopic and so called infinite states of matter in a manner that classical physics does not fall on it face at the first singularity.

    This idea/concept does not require vast knowledge of physics to understand, it also does not require the the re-writing of the basic laws of physics (it enforces and extends them)

    What is it?

    It called TDM. :eek: (please excuse the few people that have just gone screaming and tearing their hair out as they exited the forum) As this has been quite contraversial subject on many science forums. Mostly due to basic missunderstanding of what TDM is.

    TDM (Time density & Mass)
    That title is not a mistake. Time density or a given density of an object at specific point in space time is rather different from mass.

    Lets clear up a few things before I start, As I have already mentioned I am not challenging classical physics in anyway, so please do not throw finite range arguments at me.

    In this area of so called superluminal physics there are no right or wrong ways of doing things, its just what is more likely viable or not.

    Viability can only be judged upon that which we can measure, compare to and or if the process is reversable. To date no process that even attempts to deal with so called infinite states of matter has ever been fully reversable. As soon as zero point is reached the classical laws of physics fail (Basically how can you measure a physical object that is less than zero? ) Thus this leads to issues such as the Heisenberg uncertainty and the well known everywhere and no where of Quantum mechanics.

    Is it the physics that causes this?

    Ans: No!

    So what is the fundamental problem here?

    Ans: Basically as I mentioned before we have no solid finite way of measuring less than zero hence the physics has nothing tangable to work with.

    How do we address this problem?

    This is the big question, however I do have an idea/concept which has withstood the challenges of many attacks and attempts to discredit both myself and this idea/concept.

    Those attacks don't make this anymore valid, but they do show a durability of this Idea/Concept which even surprised me. Personally I have spent many years trying to discredit it and I will continue to do so. The problem is that until we take to the stars and have mastered folding space time, we wont have the means to discredit TDM.

    What is TDM?

    quite simply on its own its is nothing more than a glorified increment of measurement. However unlike other masuring devices like a tape measure, or ruler. TDM uses increment of scale and density. It measures volume by setting a base standard.

    What is this base standard?

    Ans:The finite universe as measured/predicted by classical phsyics.

    Why use the entire finite universe?

    Ans: This encompasses all the accepted laws of classical physics. All that we can measure/yet to measure.

    What do we call this base standard?

    Ans: TDM state 0

    In this theoretical mathematical structure. Infinite possible scale versions of this TDM state 0 can exist. Each with its own scale version of classical physics.

    Here is an example of just a few.

    7, 6, 5 , 4 , 3 , 2 , 1, 0, -1, -2, -3, -4, -5, -6, -7

    Higher density (smaller scale universes) are numbered, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and so on for infinity

    Lower Density (larger scale universes) are numbered. -1,-2,-3,-4,-5,-6,-7 and so on for infinity.

    In this mathematical model zero point on one scale universe (TDM state) is the maximum possible finite scale range of existance of the next higher density TDM state.

    Code (Text):

    TDM state        RelativeVelocity      Pseudo Superluminal

    0                 0 to C                0 to C
    1                 0 to C              1C to 2C
    2                 0 to C              2C to 3C
    3                 0 to C              3C to 4C
    4                 0 to C              4C to 5C
    5                 0 to C              5C to 6C
    6                 0 to C              6C to 7C
    7                 0 to C              7C to 8C
    And so on to infinity......

    Code (Text):

    TDM state        RelativeVelocity      Pseudo Superluminal

    0                  0 to C               0 to C
    -1                 0 to C            -1C to -2C
    -2                 0 to C            -2C to -3C
    -3                 0 to C            -3C to -4C
    -4                 0 to C            -4C to -5C
    -5                 0 to C            -5C to -6C
    -6                 0 to C            -6C to -7C
    -7                 0 to C            -7C to -8C
    and so on to infinity......

    Again this sets up an unusual situation. We can both show the relative velocity of say TDM state 4 and we can show that when compared to our current relative velocity of light. In pseudo superluminal terms (theoretical faster than light) anything that exists in that state, is 3 times greater than our relative velocity of light. Yet in TDM state 4 it is subluminal (Travelling at less than light velocity)

    In my next post should the admins allow it. I will explain TDS (Time density signature). EVF (elctromagnetic vortexial form), How to plot the Curvature of space time throughout infinity and how scaling TDM states back up to our own that we can plot an ( a ) to ( b ) interaction in finite space time (folding of space time). Also what gravity really is. Why super heavy objects such as black holes are transient in space time (fawcett and drain principle) etc etc etc.

    The entirety of TDM builds up a complete structure that allows us to theoretically apply Scale relativity anywhere in an infinite space time continuum. Yet reverse that process and even compare these pseudo physical states to our own. In terms which classical physics already uses.

    For those of you who can't be bothered waiting, there is a lengthy web page which is composed of a conversations conducted via email with the owner of the URL's site here: http://www.crownedanarchist.com/timedensitymass.htm

    btw none of those links to my email/domain exist anymore. Those conversations took place a few years ago.

    To admins should you not want TDM on your site please let me know via the email in my profile
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    Does anyone know where this guy is coming from I havent a clue on what is he trying to say. Is it me or does anyone feel the same?
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    I assume from your post else where. You already understand that classical physics, becomes useless at the first singularity, half way into black hole or even at zero point.

    What TDM basically is, is a an increment of measurement. Based upon scale versions the finite universe.

    So it is much like the well known parrallel universes, or even multiverses. The exceptions being that actual values are given to each universe. Proportionate to its scale and location.

    Each one of these scale universes exists at extremes of another so beyond the relative zero of our universe, exists a universe, exactly the same yet smaller (TDM state 1) beyond that scale universes relative zero point exists yet another (TDM state 2) and so on for infinity.

    When brought into your range of observation each finite scale universe (TDM state) Has all the same laws of physics as our own scale universe.

    Why is this important?

    Because we can now compare scale universes, and rather than just saying something has become infinite, we could say that it is a specific object at specific location, in a given scale range proportionate to our own. (Theoretically making quantifying infinity a possibility, althouhg in reality it would take infinity to do so)

    Essentually it is giving classical physics the quantifiable data that it needs to work beyond a relative zero point.

    As you can shift your scale range of observation it is also possible to quantify gravity anywhere in an infinite space time continuum. As well as allowing Newtons laws of gravity to work at the atomic scale and beyond.

    btw in case you did not understand my previous diagrams. They are referencing the both the subluminal (Less than C) velocities of a relative scale (as if you are existing in that scale), and the pseudo superluminal velocities, that are created when that scale range is compared to our current scale.

    I use the term pseudo as those are theoretical velocities, and also so you do not confuse which range observation I am talking about.
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