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TE/TM modes in idelectric waveguides and their effect on light output

  1. Sep 11, 2009 #1
    Hello everyone, I just have a few questions concerning TE and TM modes in a dielectric slab symmetrical waveguide.

    1) How do the TE and TM mode profiles affect the actual light pattern being output on the waveguide face/facet? What determines the actual light patterns on the waveguide face? Say for instance that only the first two TE and TM modes were allowed to propagate down a waveguide, with the familiar mode profiles of the TE0,TM0 and TE1,TM1, how would these affect the output on the facet, would they be the three dimensional magnitudes of the waves moving normal to the face/facet?

    2) the conventional approach to teaching about slab waveguides assumes that they have a core thickness which is finite, but with an infinite width. How does the effect of a finite width affect the propagation of the TE and TM modes? For instance, what if a dielectric waveguide uses dimensions of core thickness 50um with a width 30um, what would happen if the thickness was reduced but the width remains the same? Would the propagation of one polarization change its direction to that of the wider dimension? i.e. would the TE modes which would travel along the 50um thickness with magnitude along the y direction (propagating in z direction), now change to having it magnitude along the wider direction?

    3) What do these two previous two questions affect the three dimensional facet output patterns? Say for the same two modes

    These are some concepts that have been bothering me recently, any input on these questions would really be appreciated.
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