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TE01/TM11 mode conversion

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    http://ir.hfcas.ac.cn/bitstream/334002/12022/1/Mode%20converters%20for%20generating%20the%20HE%2011%20%28gaussian%20like%29%20mode%20from%20TE%2001%20in%20a%20circular%20waveguide.pdf [Broken]
    In the above article, the mode coupling theory shows how a bended circular waveguide transforms a TE01 mode into a TM11 mode.
    Of course, always will be spurious modes in the process.
    My questions are about :
    1- By temporal reverse symmetry , the same bended pipe can transform both TE into TM and TM into TE modes?
    2-By Parity/mirror symmetry, if one cuts the same converter at it's half lenght and close one of the ends with the same metal of the waveguide, then if one inject a TE mode at the other open end, one gets a TM reflected mode?
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    HE11 is not the same as TM11. However, I am sure the mode transition must operate in both directions by reciprocity considerations, and also in the reflection method you describe.
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    Thank you for the answer.
    About the HE11 in the article, it is obtained from TM11 resulting from the first stage of conversion, TE01-TM11-HE11.
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    Thanks for the clarification.
    In the case of the reflection-type mode converter. I cannot see how you can easily separate the two modes present at the port.
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