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Homework Help: Teacher advice

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    Ok i am currently in calc 1 and will be taking calc 2 next smester. Im doing well in calc 1 and am happy with it for the most part. Here is my problem the class i am in is a decent ways behind all the other classes. We just finshed the chain rule and the other classes have just started integration. Now the teacher i have for calc 1 is probally the best math teacher i have ever had. He knows his stuff inside and out and he has a passion for doing math. Also everytime i have needed help i have always had my questions answered, or if i was confused by the time i was done talking to him i was no longer confused. So He is teaching calc 2 next semester should i take it with him and possibly fall futher behind if he doest cover all the material. Or should i attemp this class with another teacher. I am judging our class being behind by what the other clac 1 classes are doing. What is suppose to be covered in calc 1. Thank in advance for your replies
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    I would stay with the good teacher you like. Besides, being 'behind' is not necessarily a bad thing-- it probably means you're covering the material more thoroughly, and learning more.

    If you find a teacher you like and can learn from, take every class they offer :-)
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    I agree, I'd stay with the "good" teacher. Sometimes in the field of math, they are very hard to find.
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    I'd say the other classes are going more quickly than yours, and yours is on pace!

    When I had Calculus in high school, we didn't start integrals until after winter break. And we ended up covering all necessary material. Stick with the guy you know, it'll work out better for you in the long run.
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