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Teaching and technology

  1. Aug 11, 2015 #1
    As i am physics teacher i am looking for some technical help so i can integarte my knowledge with technical world in more efficient way ( software , gadgets , method , human behaviour integration in teaching , environment in class , structure of classroom and many more points)

    so please suggest me how could i can develop this imaginary physics world using technology

    looking for your support
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    3D modelling software is available and some quite good products are free for educational purposes.
    These include 'game engines' which have basic physics as part of the package,
    (Collisions, Gravity, Lighting etc).
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    The department's 7 research groups and engineers are the foundation for a broad spectrum of Department of Physics and Technology has an extensive international collaboration including CERN and the European Space Agency, research, education and innovation.
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    Sorry, but first of all, what is this "imaginary physics world"?

    If you are a teacher, and your attitude towards physics is to think that it is divorced from everyday life, then no wonder many kids grew up thinking physics is esoteric and irrelevant!

    (Not that I'm expecting an answer since you have not followed up with this thread since your first post.)

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    Andy Resnick

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    Thanks for articulating my thoughts- I'm usually at a loss whether to respond to poorly-thought-out, hastily scribbled, etc. posts (seriously, a teacher who writes 'i'?)
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    A timid careful impression - yes, timidly given impression -
    maybe the poster is a teacher but authorized to teach some area OTHER THAN physical sciences. Is the poster authorized to teach biological sciences, or maybe "health sciences", or maybe Chemistry?

    Some times, a system will intentionally wrongly assign a teacher to a class because the system just does not have a properly qualified person readily available to take the class.
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