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Teaching apes to use the internet.

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    They've taught apes sign language, I can't imagine how teaching them to at least type would be ridiculously hard. Just imagine having apes on this forum, or anywhere on the internet. So far all the knowledge of apes has been kept to the apes, those who do sign language with them, and what the people tell us about the apes. I wanna have a freaking discussion with a gorilla! Or better yet, I want to play online videogames with a gorilla. Just imagine all the fun you could have if monkeys and apes were taught to use the internet.

    I'm sure you've all read the article about the cybernetic monkeys they made which could play videogames with their mind, Imagine a monkey playing counter strike or something as a special monkey character.

    And anyone who's into psycology or anything would probabally have a blast analyzing a whole new species, just imagine how cool the psyche of a cimpanzee would be.
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    At first I thought your signature was weird, but you know, you're right, it would be interesting to have a conversation with an animal of any type. I really know very little about gorilla psychology, how complex of thoughts do we know they can have? I saw an ape on TV that had learned a simple symbolic language on a touch screen computer. When it requested things, it was quite specific: it hit the symbol/s for: ice water, ice and water, cold and water, or cold water or something like that, I can't remember exactly.
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    What dya mean, imagine apes being on this forum?
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    Yes, not only can apes program they can also handle: Web Development Services, Software writing, Outsourcing,Software maintenance, etc..

    Visit the Primate Programming Institute
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    "Rule of thumb"? ROTFL !
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    jimmy p

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    Just look at the Bonzai Buddy (he is a tw*t!)!!

    Is this gonna lead on to the ol' "Thousand monkeys with a thousand typewriters" malarky?? Everytime i hear that i think of that Simpsons episode

    Mr. Burns: "and in this room there are a thousand monkeys with a thousand typewriters - I'm hoping that one day they will produce the complete works of Shakespeare *picks up a page from a typewriter* ..It was the best of times, it was the BLURST of times?? Stupid monkey!!"

    Or something to that effect :smile:
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