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Teaching in a Primary School?

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    What's it like teaching in an elementary or primary school? How streesful is it? Probably not as much as teaching in a high school but more so than a University?
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    Whats with these questions, are you doing a report?

    I taught elementary school for 10 years and hit my students all 10 years when they misbehaved.
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    My wife is a teaching assistant at a local elementary school. It can be very stressful, especially when there is a mix of children with different learning abilities, or when one or more children act disruptively. Teachers have to deal with children and their emotional problems, which result things like ADD/ADHD, disrupted families (e.g. husband and/or wife act violently to each other or the children), child abuse (i.e. children who are violently or sexually abused by a parent, sibling or other family member), . . . .

    Occasionally one encounters a child who lashes out violently against other students or the teacher. The teacher is expected to calmly deal with it.
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    Why are you asking? It's just for curioisty sake. You should have been prosecuted long ago for doing that.
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    If you mean hitting the children, I disagree. Part of teaching in school should be discipline and morals. That will no doubt vary from teacher to teacher, but I think giving a child who shouted out a bad word a small spanking would do him/her some good.
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    Because those are odd questions to be asking. Why, kids need to be disciplined.
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    And the teacher of the year goes to..........(its the maestro from seinfeld!).
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    My wife made the point that 'hitting' is punishment (usually referred to as corporal punishment), not discipline. In NY, and perhaps the NE US, a teacher would be suspended for striking or hitting a child. A child who acts out will be sent to the principal and the parents will be summoned to the school.
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    Even though it's streeful, some people still do it. I wonder what kind or type of people (as in what type of personal qualities, characteristics etc) choose to teach in elementary school and have it as their career?
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