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Teaching Myself g

  1. Jan 15, 2014 #1
    I didn't find anything particularly useful when I searched for this, which surprised me!

    Anyway, over break, I decided to buy my textbooks early and to semi teach myself the basic concepts before I actually take the class. And as break is coming to a close, I looking back and I realized how bad of a job I did haha. I had the materials and the time, everything just seemed so boring and I wasn't super involved.
    *Any ways to spice it up? Or is it really just solely about determination?*

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    I was never able to do that to any major extent when I was a student, despite having good intentions.

    Personally I think what works is to use that time to read up on the stuff that you find really interesting rather than starting on page one and trying to follow through the sequence of a particular book. Use break time as a chance to re-invigorate your interest in the field. Read some popular science books, or start a little home project. This helps to avoid burn out too.
  4. Jan 15, 2014 #3
    Yeah, I seem to understand that reasoning a bit more now haha. Have you ever tried to teach yourself little things instead? Like I taught myself a good chuck of matlab, and that worked out very well. But when I tried to look at Lin Alg, I sputtered out pretty fast.
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    Find decent lecture videos online and watch those, which is typically what I did during my breaks. After I watched the videos I would go through the book exposing myself further to the material. It may seem like you're doing a hack job, but during the actual course you'll find the lectures much more succinct; as such, you’ll be able to get into the weeds a lot more with the book.

    Exposing yourself to the material is what you want, not mastery that will come with practice during the course.
  6. Jan 18, 2014 #5
    Yes. I remember deciding to get a head start on chapter one of the next course I wanted to take. Within 30 minutes, I was flipping through chapter 34 reading about something that seemed much more interesting. While I didn't get much done as far as a head start, I did get really inspired to start the course strong.
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    what i do is look ahead in every chapter and instead of learning it all 100% i like to learn the terminology and how to define certain things. and if i can understand it learn the basic concepts and how to solve a few of the problems. that way when you're in lecture you can follow the proofs or concepts without getting hung on anything. for me, if i learn everything in great detail before the class i would be extremely bored in class.
  8. Jan 20, 2014 #7
    Cool, well thank a lot everyone. I've walked away under the impression that as long as I do something I'm better off than nothing! Hahaha.

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