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  1. May 4, 2007 #1
    Iam asked to tutor a student in highschool math (10) and was wondering where may I find a variety of questions. I thought about making questions up myself but it is more time consumeing than I initially have thought.

    I don't know which forum to post this question? If another forum area is more appropriate please move this thread there.

    More specifically Iam looking for quesitons revolving around the quadratic formula. Also what would a teacher teach next after the quadratic formula?

    Thank you
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    my algebra 1 book lists that chapter like this:
    quadratic formula
    absolute values
    square root property of equality
    square root of a perfect square
    trinomial squares
    then exercises involving the quadratic formula
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    I normally just look at their work. I ask them to bring their textbook and maybe an assignment so I get a feel of what they're doing and what they're expected to know.

    From there, you can just make up questions that are just spin offs to other questions and tweak them as you go long to target weak spots.
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    One can look no further than a text book that is recommended by the kids teacher. All the material is there for you but it just depends on how you present it and explain it to the pupil. Also rather simply I always ask my tutees what it is that they find difficult, then perhaps put them through a mock exam for homework so you can see where they struggle.
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    Based on my experience, by 10th grade one is exposed to basic algebra, geometry and trigonometry. JasonRox gives some good advice with respect to looking at the pupil's textbook.

    In relationship to quadratic formula, one could do Pythagoras's theorem.

    The quadratic form is a special case of polynomial, so work up from there - with something like (x+a)(x+b)(x+c) . . . . and look at special cases like (x+a)(x-a). Consider the binomial theorem - although is one is tutoring someone, perhaps it is best to keep it simple.

    What is the significance of Pascal's triangle - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pascal's_triangle.

    How about working with exponents, roots, and logarithms?

    Certainly the math homework forum or basic (pre-calc math) forum would be good places. We also have a math/sci tutorial section with some basic math resources.

    See also sites like - http://www.purplemath.com/modules/quadform.htm - for ideas.



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