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Team America?

  1. Jan 16, 2005 #1
    Howdy, has anybody seen that new film "Team America, World Police" I thought it was hilarious but i dont know if thats because it was funny or just because it was soo politically incorrect. Anyways, i would like to know wat people think of the film, especailly any Americans.
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    Haven't seen the movie, but wanted to. The preview was just too funny.
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    Very politically incorrect. Of course, seeing Sean Penn and MIchael Moore die completely made my day. And they do a decent job of smearing everyone, not just liberals. If you don't ahve a politically correct stick up your posterior, its ok, if you do, well you're fragile sensitivities will be offended.

    Note: Every body has AIDS!!!!
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    Even the whites and the _____.

    lol that made me laugh so had i thought i was gonna die.
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    I thought it was HILARIOUS!!!!!

    really restored my faith in the South Park boys.
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    I got the best laugh from what Michael Moore did to the Team America base, and the way they portrayed it. GOLD!
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    All have to say about team america is. "Are you 100% commited"?
  9. Jan 27, 2005 #8
    it was pretty hilarious at times, but also pretty lame/childish at other times.
    loved the parts where they made fun of the characters being puppets, like the 'tigers' :)
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