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Tears of Stone

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    Ivan Seeking

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    easy, she's a dirt biker :)

    I've made a form of concrete from sweating, tearing up, and mixing with the tons of dirt that gets caught in my eye.

    Ok, so its not concrete, but it can harden up pretty bad. This is why the pro's wear goggles :)

    But hey, I remember seeing a movie of a guy at ripleys believe it or not that could blow smoke through his eye sockets. Perhaps she's got some kinda weird chemical reaction going on with her tears.

    pretty weird really.
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    jimmy p

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    Maybe her tear ducts are all screwed up and she was actually crying that sleep dust that you get in your eyes in the morning.
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    The article says of an operation being done on her before the phenomena started, wonder if that has anything to do with it. Pretty difficult to know what to belive with so little corroborating evidence. What do you think the chances are that this dissappears into obscurity without anybody knowing anything one way or the other :/

    EDIT: Maybe if it was found to be total BS (my best guess) it would be deemed not even worthy of an article in a newspaper, but it could be that the story just kind of never got followed up.
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