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Tech writing assignment

  1. Sep 21, 2007 #1
    Hello everyone. I was wondering if I could impose on anybody who is experienced with both the programming and hardware/networking fields. I am going to be doing a paper on my career choices and as a precursor to that paper, I need to write a letter or email to someone asking them 3-5 questions basically along the lines of comparing/contrasting & the pros and cons of each field and how they relate to each other in computer science. If anyone knows of any organization that I might correspond with, I'd appreciate some assistance in this regard. I've tried ISO so far, but have been given the run around by various sub-departments in their IT section.

    Also, I can interview specific people, as long as they have worked in both fields. So if anyone here would like to help out, you could PM me and I'd appreciate it. I'm kinda working on a time table and need to find someone.

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