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Technical description

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    technical description.
    I want to know what exactly is technical description?
    Any example, and recommendation on what topic I should choose?

    Just a bit about technical description, and I can choose my own one. ATM, I am very confused.

    Thank you
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    Basically, a technical description is specification of the object. You go into all the technical details a user would need to know to use the device. http://www.dell.com/us/en/business/notebooks/laptop-latitude-z/pd.aspx?refid=laptop-latitude-z&s=bsd&cs=04&~ck=mn&dgc=IR&cid=dellhp&lid=bn2&ref=hbn [Broken]<- the technical description is a combination of the overview (what the device does), the specs (what it consists of), and occasionally the design (what makes it shiny.) It depends a bit on what the purpose of the technical description is.
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    Continuing what story645 said, you can include
    Background - a brief history of computers, and a description of typical use
    Fundamentals - equations or thories that govern the computers, such as electicity or binary code. Careful with this section,
    computers are complex and you can quickly get in over your head
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    Hi, thank you very much.
    I decided to write about those flexible keyboards.
    Thanks ^^"
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