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Technical paper on Lense-Thirring Lageos measurement

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    a technical paper appeared today about measuring L-T effect
    I dont know if it is good or not, maybe others have already got a good source, but you might want to check it out


    the author is Lorenzo Iorio at univ. Bari,

    I seem to recall he may be the person mentioned in connection
    with "scooping" GPB, so this paper may be a scholarly version of
    what we already got in the media

    Or else the person mentioned was named Ciufolini, no time to check.
    have to leave this post as is, maybe someone more knowledgeable about this will fill in correct detail and give a better link
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    The original 'scouper' that had much discussion was Ciufolini. The author above is analysing Ciufolini (and other) satellite results, and seems to be saying (although I haven't read it all) that the margin of error from non-gravitational sources is higher than originally estimated.

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    Yes it was Ciufolini

    Willecke started thread about this earlier in another forum
    and gave a link which pointed to this new scientist article:

    I will see if I can get a link or two to a Ciufolini article.

    Yeah, here is something by Ciufolini
    LARES/WEBER-SAT, frame-dragging and fundamental physics

    it is fairly recent, December 1. Will check it out, hope some others do too.
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    I consider that old news. Frame dragging has been verified and GR has prevailed again:
    http://science.nasa.gov/newhome/headlines/ast06nov97_1.htm [Broken]
    http://scienceweek.com/2004/sa041126-1.htm [Broken]
    The author of the L-T paper marcus referenced appears to have an unorthodox view of GR. Consider this paper, which I consider highly speculative:
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    1. Some other modified-GR theories predict the same frame dragging result as GR, Moffat's Nonsymmetric Gravitational Theory (NGT) and my SCC are two examples.

    However as a caveat:

    2. Orbital data only yield geodesic characteristics in a metric theory.

    3. Gyroscopic behaviour derived from the geodesics of orbiting bodies may not be the same as for a solid rotating body. Other factors may be influencing the result.

    Therefore it is still essential for GPB to confirm these results in a controlled experiment. We all await 2006 with patience!

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