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Technical report writing help please

  1. Mar 21, 2013 #1
    Hi, I know this isnt a technical question but I have to write a technical report based on a data acquisition program which I have created. Im a bit confused about the tenses of one section, namely 'Analysis of System operation' . Although the program has already been made, i feel that it should be written in the present tense as I am explaining how the system works, not how it was made. Any Ideas (sorry if its the wrong section) :)
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    I agree that the present tense seems the best match. I'm thinking that much of what you are writing is like a User's Manual for users of your program...
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    Its a technical report based on the data acquistion program produced where the system must be discussed, analysed and evaluated. Ill stick with present tense as im not explaining an experiment that was carried out as such and I think present tense reads better. Thanks :)
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    If you posted an example of your report...a few sentences...or a paragraph, then members here might be better able to advise and or offer opinions.

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