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Technical reports

  1. Aug 18, 2008 #1
    I need to write a work term report that must contain engineering analysis. I am not required to do any quantitative analysis.
    The report should have front matter, body, and recommendation conclusion etc.

    I am going to write about application architecture/design for automating "x" company work flows which are currently done manually. (So, with the application all the customers and employees will work with that application for getting things done)

    I don't know how I can make a less than one page recommendation when I am talking about so many things
    - which database to pick
    - how application would function
    - why pick .NET over java
    - why use .net memebership framework for maintaining user credentials etc.

    (I have no clue what I am talking about. I have done this at work but I have never written design report before. I only wrote report once which was solving temperature problems at "Y" company. It was only one problem and I had one specific solution for it but for this one.. I am much more like describing things and making some recommendations in some sections)

    You can see that I am making so many recommendations that it is hard to be specific in conclusion/recommendations ...
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    Start by specifying what the application is supposed to do. ("This document describes the architecture and design of an application to automate work flows at Company X. The Company X workflow consists of ... ").

    The body should describe the possible design choices and some of their pros and cons. ("The standard approach for implementing this application is to have the user interact with a graphical frontend that interfaces with a backend database. The database could be implemented as a flat-file database or using MySQL. The flat-file is simpler, but MySQL is faster ... The front end can be implemented with either .NET or Java. One significant advantage of .NET is the .NET membership framework for maintaining user credentials...").

    Now that you have described the possible design choices, you can make a recommendation and justify it. ("I recommend that we implement the front end in .NET and the database with MySQL. The .NET membership framework and the speed of MySQL were deciding factors in making this recommendation.")
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