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Technical significance of and help with Electronic Print and Media Technology?

  1. Sep 14, 2012 #1

    Can anyone help me out with ascertaining how to go about preparing for a course in Electronic Printing and Media technology from a reputed International university?

    I understand that the recent developments in this field have been unparalleled (they have just fabricated paper-thin flexible Solar panels and Loud speakers the thickness of a fingernail). I went through the syllabus for the course which is not very easily available in many universities in the world and I cannot find any books that I can go through in order to prepare for this course.
    Can anyone help me by suggesting the names of any good books and authors pertaining to the following subjects of study:-

    1) Media Physics
    2) Electronic Media
    3) Print Production
    4) Media technology
    5) Digital Fabrication

    Any help would be much appreciated!!!
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