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Techniques for memorising

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    I took out my botany book to study during my vacation.That was a very bad thing.I learned everything by creating mind maps and using color markers.After a couple I weeks,I had forgotten it.Not completely but to some extent.So If you ask me any question,I can answer on the basis of the concepts that I had learnt but I can't tell you the exact names from my book.I don't like this.Can somebody suggest me a way to learn it all at once and never forget it at all ?
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    I studied for my botany exam by creating simple melodies where I sung Latin and Slovak name of the plant while looking at the picture. I tried to use various melodies from popular, rap, folk songs, classical or totally made up.
    For the most difficult Latin names, I wrote them on paper and studied on the toliet :))) Silly, but I was forced to look at them several times a day because they were right in front of me on the door :p
    Though I don't think there is a way to remember something like this permanently. You would have to use those names and work with the plants regularly in order to remember them for the rest of your life. If you only cram for the exam and don't use the knowledge after that, you will forget a lot.
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    What do you need to remember? I used to remember a lot for tests, then forget it all. Is this just for a test or are you trying to learn the subject?
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    As I said I am studying during my vacations.My final exams would be after 4 to 5 months from now.I am way too earlier.So I want to remember it till my finals arrive.Few of my class mates told me that they usually study things that requires mugging up few days before the exam so that they won't forget it since the memory can hold on to things only for a limited amount of time unless the neuron connection is very tight.So I left the botany part that requires mug up and went on with biology and chemistry.But now I feel the need to memorize it more stronger as I feel unsatisfied not doing something that I planned to do during my vacation.
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    What exactly do you need to memorize? Names of the plants, identifying plants according to their leaves/bark, or is it more about general physiology?
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    All of them :smile:
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    Maybe it would be a good idea to make a list of things you need to memorize in some compact and organized way. (you will already be learning by creating the list!)
    Than you can try to memorize a certain number of them each day. After that, revise them first every or every other day, after some time revising once a week might be enough.
    You may first want to identify plants by looking at the pictures, than pick a term and try to draw it yourself.
    Do you have the opportunity to visit a botanical garden to see the plants in real life? Can you access the specimens? Maybe try to collect leaves and bark patterns (using paper and crayon to copy them) of the plants that naturally grow in your area.
    For plants or general physiology that you can't see or work with in real life, at least google various pictures of them, to see them from different perspectives (what about making a ppt presentation using them?). Youtube can be a good source for explaining some physiological processes which will be easier to remember if you see them animated.
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    Good points.
    Manipulation of an object for some people enhances long term memory retention.
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    Teach it to someone else. The best way to learn anything is to teach it.

    You can also train your memory with games. Take a deck of playing cards, shuffle them, then turn them over one at a time. Run through the deck, memorizing each card, then recite it back. If you can make it through all 52 cards without messing up, add another deck.
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    Albania! Albania! You border on the Adriatic.
    Your land is mostly mountainous.
    And your chief export is chrome.

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    Visualization techniques are a great way to memorize anything, take anything you read and read it twice, then paint a picture of what you read in your mind. Example phone number: 8837762 when ever I have to memorize a number I create a picture with it.....I imagine a billboard with the number 8837762 on it, the number will be an uncommon color, florescent green perhaps the billboard is supported by a giant naked woman sitting on a unicycle wearing a party hat.
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    I learned a useful memory technique but unfortunatey I have forgotten it.
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    That's how I've been learning most of my biology parts.Still when it comes to the names of genus and species of different organisms,It becomes quite difficult to visualise so much.So I've been using a lot of Mnemonics.
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    There is one other technique I have learned over the years I use acronyms to memorize difficult to remember phases.
    On the Sgt. interview there are 5 types of institutional emergencies Fire, Riot, Escape, natural Disaster, Hostage situation. F.R.E.D.H Every trainee that comes through once they reach the level of officer II, before they take LCO or STG exams they always come to me. And this acronym is responsible for at least one Corporal position in my own unit. So these things work if you apply them.
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    I've always used acronyms too, ordering it in a way that most closely could form a word, and I test my knowledge in different days to check if I still have the things memorized. For formulas, do the inverse, form words based on the letters. For example, V = RI, in my language could be Vaca que ri (a brand's name).
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