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Technological ascension

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    Do you think, by means of massive technological advancement, that someday the human race can become, more or less godlike? For example, our understanding of our own biological fuctions becomes so advanced and in depth that we are actually able to gradually alter ourselves completely by artificial means (bionics, etc.) and pretty much do whatever we want since aging and other necessities of life are no longer an issue. Long tripping to a distant star becomes nothing as we have a few hundred thousand years to spare, or we find a way to get there faster.
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    We need a section for hypothecital, "what if" questions. I honestly don't know how this relates to philosophy in any way, perhaps the question might be better off asked in another place, perhaps biology. In short, there are far to many variables, unknowns and possiblilties to ever answer this question. Define it a little further and you might be able to get an answer. As it stands, it is far to vague and hypothetical. Please refer to the guidelines for what constitutes "overly speculative".
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    I don't know that this is necessarily overly speculative, but it's not a philosophical question. It's just a question of what the future might hold, which isn't really scientific. Sounds like a GD topic to me.

    You gotta tell us what exactly you mean by "Godlike," though. Do you mean we can create new life? Create new worlds? Bend physical laws to our will? Each of these becomes progressively less likely.
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    To be more specific,

    is what Universe_Man is (most likely) discussing,
    and what this thread is about :rolleyes:
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