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Technological difficulties faced in making a microturbine?

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    What are the technological difficulties faced in making a microturbine?

    What is the main reason due to which are still not in vogue?
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    Aerodynamics do not scale well. They do to a point. After that, they become very difficult, not only to analyze, but to manufacture. Plus, as size goes down, usually the required shaft speed goes up.
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    Thank you for the reply.

    So how do the aerodynamics not scale well? What is the point upto which microturbines do not pose significant tech. challenges?

    also does the amount of heat absorbed by the material of the turbine pose a problem?
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    Well, the size becomes an issue WELL before you are considered in the 'micro' scale of things. So it is never going to be an easy thing. How small are you calling a micro turbine anyways? My company deals with small turbine engines, and we are not considered micro by any means.

    The HP turbine material is usually the max cycle temp limiting factor. That is the one thing that is going to see the most temperature out of anything in the engine.
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