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Technologies Impact on Our Evolution

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    While this is considered a popular topic for Science Fiction novels, I wish to pose it because I am interested to see what people on this forum come up with as reasonable scientific predictions. With advancements in science rising to points that allow us to reach profound manipulations of nature (e.g. nanotechnology, organic cellular research, physics, ect.) I find myself wondering where that leaves us in terms of how we will evolve as a species over time. Humans average lifespan today is relatively much longer than even a couple centuries before just through medical means that have barely scratched the surface of the technological potential we are currently pursuing (e.g. stem cell research, advanced implants, robotics, ect.). Also our pursuit of means to manipulate atoms (nano tech) would lead us down a path that might give us the potential to severely alter or "improve" certain functions of our body and environment (when going hand-hand with biological advancements).
    While the speculation on where these technologies take us is broad, I am curious as to whether people think these means will give mankind the ability to "take the reigns" in our evolutionary destiny. If so does anyone think that in a relatively short amount of time (compared to the ENTIRE history as a species and civilization) that we may reach a point where we may not even recognize or resemble what humans will be in the next few centuries, or will we be at a point that these future generations will have shed almost anything that would classify them as "humans" as we are today into something very different. If this is to much in the realm of speculative Sci-Fi then Mods please delete, and also while Hard Sci-Fi novels would be a good reference for ideas I do not want the forum cluttered with "this is my favorite Sci-FI writer" arguments.
    But please share your thoughts if you have any points you would like to say or add too, as I am very interested in what people on this forum have to say.
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    This does not meet the criteria for posting in the philosophy section. Please read the philosophy forum guidelines stuck to the top of the forum.
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