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Technology gone mad

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    Heheh, turbo can have his garden call him.

    $99 each is too much for me. I'll just keep watering my plants when they start to droop or when the soil feels dry when I stick my finger in.
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    Most of features aren't useful...
    - If I am home, I would prefer some kind of alarm rather than internet messages
    - If I am not home, then that's of no use (either internet messages/alarms)

    I think it should water itself.
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    That's plenty of use, because then you can email your sprinkler.
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    I just set my plants in a sink full of water on the same day I give my dogs their heartworm medicine. That has the added benefit of washing the dust off the leaves.
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    And I thought the Serpent was evil...
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    LOL, i just think plants should not be kept in captivity.
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    Ivan Seeking

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