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Technology to save the enviroment already exists!

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    Hi, all!

    I am working for the disclosure of secret technology.
    The technology exist to:

    * Get rid of fossil fuels, nuclear waste, and the fake energycrises= energy from the vacuum. It has been supressed for decades, and there is proof of this!

    * Cure disases as AIDS, cancer, MS, -all illnesses= frequencymachines.

    * Solve the problems with time and spacetravel= (anti) gravitycrafts.

    These technologies are currently held secret by the military industrial and political complex.
    The military use this technology that has it`s bases in new physics that is not learned at our schools and education centers, for extremely advanced weapons and surveillance systems. Mind control is also a very important part of this. They can create earthquackes, make planes fall down from the sky, shut down powerplants, spread disases, and much more. This technology is very valuable for the powerelite.

    The pharmaceutical industry earn a enormous amount of money on their production of poisones medicine that never really cures anything, just control the symphtoms and has a lot of sideeffects on body and mind. They support the secrecy around this technology, they would be out of business if the frequency machine came out on the market. Imagine being able to be scannes by a machine and had your cells repaired by it. No suffering, no pain, and no hospitalizing! Having new teeth and organs grown etc.

    The oilindustry earns alot of money in the oilindustry and therefor have been active togheter with the mafia and the intelligence to get rid off inventors, pay them to keep quite, some people has eaven been murdered-to stop energi devices using energy from the vacuum hitting the market.
    If the energy from the vacuum got out on the market their power would crumble.

    All these units have invested into eachothers businesses, the political forces are heavily involved. The scientist projects have been running outside the official channels, outside democratic control and giving power to a rough group that has it`s allies also among the mafia. Eaven the presidents have been kept out of the loop. The rough group hide behind the law of secrecy due to national security.

    Murder, drugtrafficking, threaths, and supression are also keywords.
    When Bill Clinto came to Norway and collected millions to his AIDS project, were do you think the money went? :mad:
    AIDS was a manmade virus for depopulation control.


    The media Is owned by the same people and has invested a lot of money into these industries meantioned above.
    You will not get the truth from them!

    Please read:



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    its about time we put new things in schools;the more we learn the better.ide love to learn new stuff
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    I replied to the other posting of this. Please don't double post. I am going to close this thread. If you have more replies to the first post in this one, do it on the other thread.
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