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Tectonic shear in Canada

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    I'm looking for reference material. I need a good photo of a landform that is a direct result of tectonic shear. Canadian content strongly preferred - haven't been able to find any online.
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    Ooh thanks!
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    Google Earth: channel between Swanson and Crease Islands, N end of Vancouver Island, may be sitting on a shear fault.
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    fault line

    I actualy dug up a faultline near Kingston a few years age. It ran just off the edge of a tank nest and was a conduit for fuel leaks. The resulting investigation led to me demolishing 9 houses. I have pics of the fault in the bedrock. I was tasked with trying to follow it a year or so later and made a video of the excavation process. We hired a geoligest from the University of Waterloo. His investigation led him to a Canadian geological survey seismology station a few miles from the site. It was monitoring the fault. His aerial survey showed a cool phenominon. The bedrock in this area is very close to surface, The trees in the fault were larger by degrees than the ones rooted in the very shallow soil. This was not a feature we could see from the ground but it was very clear from the air. Where I was working on it, the fault was about 12 feet wide, filled with glacial till and rock I could not tell the depth. I did end up putting a mini excavator down the crack to try to dig deeper. It was a fairly interesting job.
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