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Teenagers and jobs

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    I dont understand what is with the whole father figure insisting on the teenager on getting a job. To be honest. You dont make any real money. They work you to death. So these part-time jobs are essentially worthless jobs; and anyone who claims that you learn skills. Thats definately not true. It might fine tune your skills. But they dont teach anything. I worked "part-time" at a computer store. Big name. like a 1000 stores in North America.

    They called me part-time. Though I worked 45+ hours a week. They wouldnt call me full time. Thats a raise in $. I got minimum wage. When i went to the job. I just went to work, no training or anything. I just did my job. I knew how to manipulate people. Exactly what they wanted me to do basically. I was one of the best salesman. There was also another part of the job. Well the rule basically was. no women have to lift anything heavy. so the men are the ones who do the woman's work. and if you look at your average computer geek; they dont have muscles. So basically these men are moving 200lb desks around on their own. While the woman stands by and watches.

    But what exactly do i get out of it? a small paycheck. which i still havent used any of. im not that much of a spender.

    So really there isnt a good reason to really get a job like this. Unless your goal in life is to be Chief MAster Manager of mcdonalds. or your a compulsive spender. Like my sister. She works at your average superstore. She makes no money. But she keeps working because she's always spending he money before she even gets it. She has like 15 purses and she brags about things like this.
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    Well, if you want a car, you need to pay for several things. A job takes care of those.
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    some people arent lazy asses. and can walk or bike to and from anywhere u need to go.

    While a car would be nice. I do have one available to me all the time. and I pay the insurance.
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    I can think of several things you learn by having a crappy high-school job:

    -If you don't show up on time you can get fired.
    -If you are lazy, you can get fired.
    -If you have a bad attitude, you can get fired.

    And the ever-so important:
    -To buy things, you need money.
    -Money doesn't grow in dad's wallet.

    [edit] Oh, and one important thing you seem to have already learned:
    -Having a job sucks, but you have to get one.
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    -Uneducated people aren't good for much in the job market (uneducated as in no degree, not stupid)
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    So, without a job, where would you get the money for insurance? Getting a job makes you learn the value of money...how much work goes into earning that paycheck your parents bring home.

    I agree with Russ' "most important" items, that money doesn't grow in Dad's wallet or Mom's purse being a key lesson. So, you're not spending the money like your sister, that's great. Then you'll have some savings set aside when it's time to help pay for college tuition, or when you really do need that first car, or that first apartment, and since any money you make earns interest, even a small amount, the earlier you start earning it the earlier you start earning interest too.

    Beyond that, you learn how to work for other people, which you're going to do for quite a long time before you have enough experience to be the one others work for. Patience in putting up with other personalities is an important thing to learn.

    And, if you're able to one day make your way up in the world and find yourself in the shoes of the boss, remember how you were treated as an employee, and whether you liked it or not, and whether it inspired you to try harder or do the least you could get away with, and you'll be better able to judge how you should treat your own employees.
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    This says it all. It's training for when you have to have a job, support yourself, etc. The part time teen job teaches you all kinds of basic things about having a job in general.
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    I recently got a job a few weeks ago as a math tutor, it is fun sometimes, but also not fun sometimes. I am also like you, I really could care less about the money, although I do make $10/hr tax-free.

    Today I had some girl who did not bring her book or anything, and just wanted me to do her homework (which was some handout), it was supposed to be a 1 hour appointment, but I canceled it after about 15 minutes because I am not going to deal with people like that. I seem to get quite a few people who tell me they hate math, math sucks, math is stupid, and after that, ohh are you a math major? What is the moral? I guess russ is right, all jobs suck :grumpy:
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    Some places a car is an absolute necessity. So, if you didn't have a job, how would you pay the insurance on the car?
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    you don't need car insurance in new hampshire.
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    if u didnt know these beforehand thats sad.
    know whats funny. I was working for a contractor. which we installed fibreoptics and security cameras and such. for the job that i did, they hired 2 new people. Me and a guy who has 1 phd and to master degrees. we both got paid the same. did the same job. we drove from pole to pole and sat there doing nothing.
    I dont get any money from my parents ever. infact on occasion they come to me to borrow some $
    I dunno i think ive pretty much mastered this. Im very much like JLPicard. or a vulcan. Very quiet. I speak when its appropriate. The kind of worker i am is basically a. "give me a list to do" Ill go do them as soon as possible. no lazyman stuff. For example there was a guy who worked with me at the computer department. He had 5+ smoke-breaks. 2-3 lunches, many breaks, and would goto the washroom constantly. Basically he had so much senority. that if they did fire him. He'd still be getting paid years later. ontop of that unemployment insurance would be good to him.

    I was a math and chemistry tutor. i was a volunteer though. It was actually really interesting to me. How young kids were having trouble with things that people in like university dont even use. Once i was tutoring this girl and she had a problem with 27/3 which is 9. and i bet most people in university. simply know the answer. like no method of figuring the answer is used. she couldnt get it.

    Not true. you just need to figure out what you like. Take me. I love any job that has to with social engineering. If i can manipulate someone its great. so psychologist would definately be fun. BUT i just cant do that job simply for the fact that it would be pretty bad morally. I'd probably end up doing something dumb like. Telling a suicidal person. "Look i dont care if you kill yourself or not." :rofl:

    Well im in a small city or something. but ive been to toronto. and i walked all over the place. I think that response is a brainwashed type of answer. The only "absolute necessity" for a car is transporting heavy things, going long distances. Ive worked many jobs. and people who bike to/from work everyday. When I worked for the computer store. I walked to and from work everyday for 6+ months. and ive seen pictures of even new york. and they have sidewalks even there.
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    This is very much an exception to the rule.... a BIIIIIIIIIIIG exception... what was he doing hauling around optics cable? Are you sure he wasn't bsing you haha.
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    well one masters was in philosophy(epistemology). and he knew the stuff that i knew. he had a really good knowledge of theologic arguements. although he agreed with me. we never really talked though. we never worked together.

    I dunno why he had a job like this. but this isnt the first ive heard of it.

    but its probably true these are exceptions
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    :confused: :confused:
    What are you talking about of corsce money doesn't grow in dad's wallet,it grows on tree's!I learned in the frist grade EccoBotanium(Our teachers says that the school doesn't enogh tree's to afford for those being seperate:uhh: ). That in oder for money to grow there must be suplizer, Demendornazier rays, stockhydroxide , capitlizer and you should have some Taxicide incase the goverment tries your money:grumpy: none of that is in dady's wallet.

    And money to buy things with?I just use borrow things without asking.
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    Unless you're robbing banks in your spare time, where did this money come from if not from a job?
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    One advantage to having a job as a teen is that it reflects well on you when you try and go out and get a real job later.
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    did you sell nuclear arms to the koreans? how much was your kickback? we're all friends here we won't rat you out. promise
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    Probably??? You do not get a phd to do minimum wage work.... except yah, philosphy *chuckles and runs off*.
  20. Feb 23, 2006 #19
    I sold some to cuba
  21. Feb 23, 2006 #20
    i only asked for 13%. us silly canadians with our candu reactors and our stockpile of nuclear material.

    nah i told you guys i dont do anything illegal.

    and i have had many jobs. Retail sales, dishwasher, grass cutter, contracting, fishguy@petshop.

    well he wasnt only meant for the labour. after all the labour was done he had tech work to do also. but thats trivial stuff.
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