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Teflon and alkoxides?

  1. Oct 18, 2005 #1

    I heard from somebody that teflon might react with some alkoxides, and that this is actually what DuPont uses in some cases to make the teflon coatings stick to cookingware or whatever is coated in these specific cases.

    This bothers me since I have a cuvette with a teflon stopper, which is stuck. Inside the cuvette is toluene with: an alkoxide. Has my alkoxide reacted with the teflon?

    Does anyone know more about this?
    I searched on the internet and information on reaction of teflon with alkoxides is scarce. Is this just a myth? For as far as I can see, alkoxides are used to make different modifications of the perfluorinated polymers with alkoxy groups in them, but I cannot find anything on e.g. making teflon coatings stick with the help of alkoxides.
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