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Teixobactin: a new antibiotic

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    This paper was shown to me today by a colleague:

    A new antibiotic kills bacteria without detectable resistance
    L, Ling et al (2015) Nature
    It's a fascinating paper, not just for the good results that teixobactin seems to have against gram-negative bacteria but also for it's use of the Ichip (reported in this paper from 2010). The Ichip is a system for cultivating so-called uncultivable bacteria. It works by isolating individual bacteria into small cells on a slide, a semi-permeable membrane covers the cells (trapping the bacteria) and the whole thing is placed in soil. The bacteria survive in this environment and can be easily studied. It's reported that the Ichip can culture 50% of the bacterial species placed into it, a huge improvement over the 1% standard methods generate.

    It will be interesting to see if teixobactin comes to anything and if how widespread this method becomes in the pursuit of new antibiotics.
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    Wow, that's great news, and very promising! Thanks Ryan. :-)
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