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The other day, I posted an inquiry about J Robert Oppenheimer.
I was given an assignment to write a 500-700-word essay about him.
The thread produced enough postings that it gave me the
kick-start I needed to get started on the essay. For that, I am
most appreciative. I was able to complete it and turn it in on time.

I have another question though. Paralleling my attempt to better
myself in the field of science is an attempt to do the same in the
field of literature. Is there a place in cyber space that one can go
to, to submit a writing for review (mostly for grammatical and
structural purposes)? [?]

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You might try this site:

WritingForums.com :: Index

I have never posted there, myself, so I'm not sure what quality of grammatical and structural guidance you might get, but it seems like the kind of place you should be able to find people willing to tackle that kind of thing.

Also: get yourself a "College Handbook" and a decent dictionary
(I like the Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary).

To the extent you can find anyone willing to question anything you've done, you can research it in the handbook and get the official story.


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