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Telecom mngt

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    can anyone explain this major for me ( telecommunication managament ) ?
    thanx in advance
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    no one knows ?????
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    never heard of it.
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    I'm not sure. However, a quick google search brought this up:

    provide a consolidated solution for the collection, analysis, reporting, and managing of all telecommunication and network data, significantly improving performance and reducing all associated costs.

    Managing everything from phones, cables, sites (communications facilities and equipment), usage, routing, to effective scheduling of moves, adds, and changes (MACs), TMS furthermore supplies enterprises with the tools for improving customer service in addition to providing costing and invoice management tools.

    I was also taken to several colleges' business schools. It does seem to be a type of business management.
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    Why the need for understanding about what they do or is it because of some special reasons that should be brought to public for fun from time to time ?
    Good job anyway! Take it if you have a chance.
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    Can :mad: you help me, I used to post a thread in google asking about experience :

    "I have 3 years experience in school projects BUT one year in job"

    I used English badly and my present job now is looking at how users's privacy is.
    Second, I feel really bad about what I ARE doing, the way I ARE thinking., I see you post help no-name who has the same situation as mine and I come to not to joke but to ask for more information.
    Can you still think of me in a good way to help me?

    PS...Sorry I stole the resume sent by a user via internet and posted it in google with JUNKIE words..
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    In the same workplace, there will be a lot of different people, different characteristics, nationalities etc. and levels of expertise.

    Telecomunication management, as I mentioned in my previous post, is also a good field to study.

    European companies might favor European people than Asians, whereas the Japanese ones might prefer to promote Chinese guys, and national traditions also play an essential role in how employees are to be classified in a certain order...
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    Thank you, although you advise me to let go that clown who stole your resume sent via internet, I actually don't feel any better for such a childish behavior. It might be more of a chinese or chinese malaysian 'kid' I bet. Its way of thinking and reasoning told me this.

    This is my last post here anyway, i will go, I really really feel sad when K and her people pluses such a dog to their sys.
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    Try the TeleManagement Forum. If nothing else, it will give you a great many links, companies, etc.

    More broadly, you can look at the TMN (a predecessor to the TM Forum's eTOM), as a framework within which to describe telecoms network management; there is a wealth of material on the ITU-T website as well.
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