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Telegeodynamics and a vivid imagination: If your oscillator changes frequencies

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    ...can you manage to get all the surrounding material in the ground to resonate? I'm more of a physics aficionado and not a physicist, so this is more imagination than anything.

    I was reading up on Tesla's work with Telegeodynamics and his oscillator motor. Essentially, I wanted to know if you could get a machine to produce a cycle of common frequencies, i.e. the different frequencies of the variety of minerals in a single area, in order to produce a bigger "earthquake." It would cycle through these different frequencies at a rapid rate. Again this is all speculative, for I don't know the in depth physics involved.

    Basically, my question boils down to a few simple questions.

    1) Do you need a true continuous frequency to produce vibrations or can it be done with a fast pulsating frequency?

    2) If you can use a pulsating frequency, would cycling through, let's say 10 different frequencies in rapid succession, truly make this device more effective?

    3) What would be some practical uses for such a device, if said device would work, besides the obvious weapon of war?

    4) Would it just be easier to have 10 different oscillators that each produce a different frequency or would interference occur in this situation?

    Lastly, feel free to give as much detail about any and all physics relating to this device, but if you can, please keep the level of technical jargon down as much as possible.

    Thanks in advance for any answers, comments, and interest. :)
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