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Telekenesis (Not what you think)

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    I am writting a book, and a character has "Telekenesis", but I want scientific reasons for this character to be able to (create a force field, create a concussive force, fly), I am not trying to prove or disprove Telekenesis just does anybody know how somebody could create such effects through scientifically feasible methods? With like therodynamics, electro-static? I would be grateful for some answers.
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    If you want a scientific explanation for telekinesis, you'll have to fit the 'telekinetic force' into one of the four fundamental force categories: Gravitational, Electromagnetic, Weak Nuclear and Strong Nuclear.
    I`m not sure where you would put telekinesis into this.
    Nuclear forces seem out of the question.
    If it would be electromagnetic in nature, it would be tough to lift neutrally charged objects.
    If it's gravitational it would mean bending spacetime with your mind.
    Another alternative would be that it's a completely new undiscovered physical phenomenon.

    All these possibilities sound highly implausible or even impossible. But if it's a fictional story, make up anything you want. I honestly don't think looking for scientific reasons on how it may happen will make the story more believable.
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    Ok then what force causes concussive energy? That isn't sound? I mean like would moving electrons be able to created a concusive force? What creates the things I mentioned, but don't think of it as doing it with your head, but more as what in science could do these things... I would basically like to know what creates a force field that we have made. because with the same energy you could push of the ground with the same force and fly, and also presumably use that same energy substance to move other things? I am assuming
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    Also with the electromagnetic field you could send a bunch of electrons over to a neutral object causing it to become negatively charged enough so that it and the earth's negative charge repelled couldn't you(sort of like making it comparable to the oil drop experiment)
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    not telekenisis id say dnakenisis-telekinisis-dnakenisis
    but how do you transport or reconstruct a cell at the other end if there's no
    living element to apply the dna to
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    What are you talking about? I am not talking about reconstructing the genetic code. I am talking about being able to control kinetic energy at a atomic level more or less.
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    i didnt give you a viable answear anyway
    because i wanted to see whether youre polite or not
    take your fiction and shove up your ###
    you see you'd also have to transport other things like soul for example!!!!
    what are you talking about man???, science fiction!!!!!
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    How was I rude? I just asked what are you talking about because I was confused by your post... take it easy. I don't want to use science fiction...
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    Man im sorry but you're still using science fiction
    the time for telekinisis is not the present time
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    The reason its hard to fit telekinesis in to physics is because our forces tend to act on matter in general, not just the target of the character. Since the only forces are gravity (acts on everything, infinite range, unshieldable) and electromagnetism (acts on what you target, infinite range but blockable, magneto).

    I recommend using electromagnetic radiation and e = mc^2 to *poof* things around, they can reappear with whatever velocity you like. I use something like this in my physics superheroes comic "Masters of Forces".
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    Thx Crosson, and Philocrazy I realize its still science fiction, but I just don't want under answerable powers sources for abilities, and Crosson how does Magneto create his defensive shield magnetically?
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    Philo, Am I correct in assuming English is not your first language? I think you're confusing the term "telekenesis" with "telleportation". Telekenesis is the ability to transmit kenetic energy with the mind, like those guys on TV who bend a spoon by "thinking at it" really hard.

    Taeth, I think EM is really your best bet. It is responsible for most of the motion that you see in everyday objects anyway. When you grab something with your hand to move it, it is the ellectrons in your hand repelling the ellectrons in the object that make the object move, so imposing a magnetic potential on an object (any object) could make the object behave exactly as if your hand or some other physical force were acting on it.
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    Any one who is a master of magnetism is also a master of electricity, because the two forces derive from the same source.

    That said, magneto's shield is Electric (static electricity), just like the force that your chair is exerting on you (atoms in the chair repel your atoms).
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    Could you create a concussive force out of this without it killing somebody straight off due to a massive voltage? Also isn't static electricity just the effects electrons have on eacthoher at rest?
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    Its been a while on this thread, but i have to add my bit. I read a book a while back, one of few credible books on telekinesis. And before i get into it, you will have to deviate from the 4 fundemental force categories. Now what telekinesis is is not putting your hand out and commanding the pencil to roll to you, its not thinking hard about how bad you want the pencil to roll to you, its about inventing a universe where the pencil is rolling to you. Its primary function is in reading others' minds, which makes more sense:wink:

    They did some skits and analyzed peoples responses. They were at a restaurant, all imaginative. Like children they were playing make-believe. Theyd look at a fake menu and order something and a fake dialogue would ensue. Later they had someone answer a phone and have a conversation with someone imaginary. The interesting point is why they would go so far to create these imaginary scenarios , how were they being invented as they were? I believe if you have the right mind telekinesis is very possible. Its not a matter of thinking about the pencil, its about letting yourself negotiate with it, letting your mind investigate and manifest at its will.
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    Through intentionality, and the zero point field I believe.

    Quantum physics now states (and convincingly so in many's opinon) that by looking at a sub atomic structure - the viewer actually by the mere act of looking at it - can and does change the same from a wave into particle.

    Surely this is telekenesis, no?

    Hope it helps with the book.


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    Unfortunately (or, more likely, fortunately), that phenomena doesn't apply on a macroscopic scale. An observer can affect the outcome on one particular wave function, but not enough of them at once to influence a 'real' object.
    I'd be inclined to propose the creation of, or at least the manipulation of, graviton particles. (Yeah, I don't believe it either, but I read and write hard SF and that seems like something that I'd feel comfortable proposing.)
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    It is quite simple:
    Just add in your book universe a fifth fundamental force to the four others called the telekinetic force.

    Don't bother to try and make this fifth force strictly derivable of the the other four, for if you succeded in that, the Nobel prize is the least recognition you would get..
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    This thread obviously slipped under our radar, especially when it is at least 2 years old. It doesn't belong here, and it is done.

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