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Telekinesis ect.?

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    Can anyone offer any evidence or theories on telekinesis or othr supernatural powers.
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    Thats quite a broad question you're asking there..

    First of all, supernatural may not be the right word for it. These forces are yet poorly understood properties of Nature. Due to the nature of them, they howev. don't fit into the current scientific paradigm and are being dismissed by many physicist as purely speculative and get denominated "mystic".

    There however is a great deal of "evidence" that is thrustworthy.

    to quote Paul Martin the other day:


    There is the work of Dick Bierman, Brenda J. Dunne, Roger Nelson that has come up with some significant statistical evidence.

    You may be interested in reading the PhD paper that William G Roll wrote as it deals with many of these items:
    This world or That; An examination of Parapsychological Findings suggestive of the survival of Human personality after death
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    If they are indeed "supernatural", there is no evidence for them
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