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Telepathic communication

  1. Mar 20, 2003 #1
    Is there a scientific explaination for being able to verbally communicate telepathically?

    Example: Me.. being here in California, carrying on a conversation with *somebody* on the other side of the planet?
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    no scientific explanation, but i think a more logical explanation for "telepathic" conversation between two people who spend a lot of time together is a deep understanding of one another to the point that of predicting what the other might be thinking, or saying (in the case of "finishing another's sentence")
  4. Mar 22, 2003 #3
    Or, maybe some sort of transferrance of the chi, or to put it more scientifically, biophotonic impulses being emitted from one person's brain to the other. If the pulse is strong enough for the brain to interpret it, then it creates some sort of telepathic communication. I believe the molecules/cells that are involved are called teletrons. I don't know much about them.

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    Of course it has to be two way. Is there one way communication?
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    as was siad before spending time with some one for many years could give you an idea of what they are thinking but the only thing sent the the other person is a reaction a feature on you that has changed they subconsiouly have realted it to many other times you have made that reaction. Then rembers what you did in that situation and predicts what you will do or say
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    I once told my sister I was telepathic. She said, "fine, then tell me what i'm thinking." I said, "you're thinking I'm full of $hit." I was right. I AM telepathic. ;)

    Certainly. A newspaper is a one way communication. Communication is simply the transfer of information. Doesn't have to be two way.
  8. Apr 8, 2003 #7
    I always thought the "field" around you was cut off much to short to actually even be percieved, consciously or subconsciously, by anyone else.

    I was also under the impression that telepathic communication is only possible in the form of unconscious movements, such as tapping your finger on a table, which can be picked up and 'read' by another party. In that case, it is not true telepathy, but to the observer it would appear so.

    But then again, there is the possibility that our minds think through EM waves, that of course would make telepathy possible, but that also would not be true telepathy because there would be a physical link between two people.

    And to the initial question, would you know you were communicating with the other person, on the other side of the world, or would you just feel you are?
  9. Apr 11, 2003 #8
    telepathy.if you want some ideas about how it works,go to the local hobby shop,and look for advanced D&D.it's a role playing game.look for the handbook on psionics,it has a long section on all the telepathy disciplines,you might find it interesting.
  10. Apr 11, 2003 #9
    neurobiofeedback psi validator

    using pet cat and all other imaging devices
    perhaps someday biomagnetic/electronic etc.. data will be verifiable
    in india siddhis[powers} in masters of breath and meditation are not uncommon
    given the state of feedback technology
    maybe advanced users will exhibit some prowess
    heres a new engine www.kartoo.com
    check out some of this stuff
  11. Apr 15, 2003 #10
    Telepathy is one kind of communication.
    It is based on resonance. (vibration in one structure provokes a similar or correspondenting vibration in another system that has at least a "harmonic" receptive structure).

    On http://www.hollywood.org/cosmology [Broken] I explain a universal mechanism (special manifold) that creates mass, energy and resonance.

    This approach implicates that everything is connected with everything.

    The big failure in science is that we believe that (whatever) collision of elements create an independent "entity" (that's only the perception of the observer), but these entities are 'isolated areas' from a manifolding and intercombined network of restructed nothingness.

    Matter is only a collection of empty boxes (box-in-box-inbox and box+box+box) .
    These empty boxes build houses (nature, man, water, prayer, light, ...) called matter and energy. Because we (the observers) are build with those stones we "see" matter.

    Telepathy, homeopathics, chackras, healing, prayer, mantras and other 'mysterious events" can be explained by this universal manifold.
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    Except.... we haven't actually objectively confirmed these phenomenons yet. There is not much point explaining something that very probably does not even exist.....
  13. Apr 15, 2003 #12
    FZ+ ... have you checked the website?
    If not checked that would mean that you make conclusions without even checking.
    If have checked already: great. ;-)

    Telepathy is one of the phenomena that can be explained by the manifold.
    Small question: do you think acupuncture has been objectively confirmed? And what about homeopathy?

    My target is however not to explain telepathy but find the solution to a puzzle that keeps us awake for thousands of years ... how this Universe works and how it started. I want to find a mechanism WITHOUT magic and I do want not to be limited to semantics in my analysis of this universe.

    That manifold approach is pure logic based on only one assumption: that the basic membrane is infinite elastic and can not be broken.

    If you have an alternative to explain me how mass and energy can be created from nothingness, and how dimensions are created ... please tell me without using complex mathematical formulas.
    I am interested to know, ... and really open for better.

    Till then I will "believe" that the best explanation (that fits even in GR and QP and String, can explain black-holes, space curvature, speed of light, ...) is a manifolding process of an infinite stretchable membrane.
    I am just looking now for a Mad Scientist with mathematical skills to play a bite with the concept.
  14. Apr 21, 2003 #13
    I had telepatic experiences, reading other peoples minds, hearing voices.

    It felt that my brain was in overdrive.

    What it was was a psychose. I had three in the last five years. Your brain makes a whole lot more of dopamine than normal, causes you to hallucinate without having taken any drug. It is not comparable with any drug, but the first time I got it, I thought someone gave me some kind of drug. It felt like a door inside my brain had opened, or that I was using parts of my brain I never used before.

    My close environment saw that something was very wrong with me, and it was. They forced me into a mental hospital, and gave me drugs to lower the dopamine level in my brain.

    Everybody makes dopamine, if you don't make enough of it, you get parkinson's disease, if you make to much, you get a psychose.

    Everybody reads minds, by observing the persons reactions, bodytalk, facial expressions, etc.

    But if you really start hearing voices, and are communicating only by thought, seek help, because then you are sick. It's your mind playing tricks on you, you hear what you want to hear.

    Some people who experienced a psychose never get back to normal. It changed my life completely. I still have to take medication or I will fall back into a psychose. It happened three times to me already. It is something I hope you don't have to experience. But it brought me closer to God. If you are psychotic, you are in such a high that you're acting on intuition only, it made me do very strange things, that I found 'normal' and necessary. Afterwards, you're ashamed about it all.

    The vibrations of the world around you are coming to you so strong, that it is scary at times.

    If there are others out there who had simular experiences, let's share our thoughts. But don't do it telepatically.

    Maybe in the future we start using more of our brain than now and telepathy becomes a newly aquired ability of mankind. But for now, if you hear other peoples thoughts, and even animal thoughts, seek help, because you are ill. It is hard to accept the fact that you are ill at the time. It was so for me, they had to force me into a mental hospital.

    Other psychotics I talked with saw aura's when having a psychose, I didn't. I heared about people that see aura's all the time.

    Telepathy? Maybe, but I can't function normally when I can hear someone think.
  15. Apr 21, 2003 #14
    You use the word "verbally" telepathically communicate.

    There is no "verbal" telepathetic communication.

    If there is telepathy it is transmitted via quantum holographs.

    "Quantum holographs" is a term coined by an astronaut who's name I forget... something like Evans or something. He used it to describe his experiences on the way back to Earth from the Moon where he had been walking around and driving a little, 1,300,000 dollar go-cart.

    As he approached the Earth he realized that all the thoughts and ideas, the mixed up prompters caused by hormones and endorphins... all the ideas were like holographs.

    So the quantum holograph represents the way an idea or thought is composed of a sphere of influence. It is supported by the quantum existence of physical actuallities and other ideas. Thus, the astronaught started picking up these pockets of collections or "quantum holographs" and put a name to them.

    He thinks that they may be a part of what has been termed "telepathy".
  16. Apr 21, 2003 #15
    Apparently we have the authorities opinion.

    I would seek the differentiation in word usage between reading the mind of another, and being able to 'telepath' your thoughts, Verbal or otherwise, to 'others'.

    So one is mind reading.......

    and the other is 'telepathy'

    If you would seek 'proof' (Tee Hee) well, I suspect that it would be impossible to not always end up, that, at the point of congruence to the verbal testimony (that would be the proof)the door of proving that it had NOT been a conspiracy seals shut, and it forever/always would only amount to looking as if the people either, are telling the truth (unbelievable?) or they have conspired to decieve you, but you would still not have definitive Proof

    But it is a neat thought, I suppose, if you were an 'open mind' would you need to block others from reading you? sorta like that one....

    Psssst Entropia, who is *somebody* ?
  17. Apr 22, 2003 #16
    The proof is unnessecary when one has experienced something... that is their proof.

    I'd say that *someone* is entropia or mister prasons talking to themself.

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  18. Apr 22, 2003 #17
    Your two statements contradict themselves!

    Apparently, Entropia, seemed to think it was someone else, talking to her, from afar, that was why I had asked her.

    Nowhere did I write that a proof was 'nessecary', but simply, as I suspect it to be, un-provable, even if you have experianced 'something' that you think is telepathy.

    I suspect you would have no manner of proving it to anyone else, and would therefore simply (eventually) be 'coined' as a "kook", or a "nut", "fruitcake", (insane?) sad expressions of other peoples in-ability to believe in anything that isn't proven to their satisfaction.

    Aside from that one, if someone could do that, wouldn't you then, if you could demonstrate that it had credance, start to pretend to speak in their name? Would that be fair?, would you be true to the persons, what? thoughts? would you admit that they hadn't originated from within you, as 'yours', knowing that it was another's thoughts??

    Lots of possible questions!

    EDIT SP.
  19. Apr 22, 2003 #18
    Gotta tell ya, been thinking abut this one a little, how the heck would you know that it was someone else talking, and not just the ability of your own brain to re-create speech that it has heard??

    Never mind that, how would they know that you heard them?

    Never mind that, do they hear you too, and if so, how the heck does anyone know that??

    Well, I do believe in The Bible, so Spirituality could account for the phenomenon actually occuring, I suppose, as it is in the Bible that they tell of a man watching a woman washing Jesus's feet, and it states that the man 'spoke within himself', and they mention he was surprised because Jesus turned, and answered the question, he had posed 'within himself'.

    As we would all be connected to God, and God is connected to all of the Spirits that inhabit us, well, I supose that if God allowed it, it might happen.....who knows??....LORD KNOWS!
  20. Apr 23, 2003 #19
    A (telepathic?) thought, or two....


    So lets see, if one person were a telepath, would they require another person, to be the same, (telepathic as well) in order for there to be a two way communication going on?

    There is a guy who goes on television named Kreskin (I think?) who claims to be able to read minds, (something that I find ‘comical’ at best) so I wondered, after having seen him on the Mike Bullard Show (“Open Mike”) why he was doing TV, why wasn’t he simply reading the minds of the business executives, living in New York city, collecting the ‘insider knowledge’ that he would be able to, surreptitiously, get, then buying or selling stocks prior to the announcements that most CEO’s, CFO’s, (people like that) make, on a regular enough basis, that affects the stock prices predictably, up or down.

    Heck he could be worth more then Bill Gates, why would he be pandering to a TV audience? (Because it isn’t true!)

    So lets see, If I were a telepath, had a conversation with Siv, (or feigned having had one) then went out and told everyone, “Well, ya see, I was telepathing with Siv and she told me she had the biggest crush on Greg, but don’t tell Greg, nor Siv, cause she will just deny it all, and he isn’t supposed to know, but she told me that…………..”

    Could be a complete lie, and I could, upon doing such things, really ruin peoples lives by spreading false innuendo, gossip, lies, the truth, anything I wanted to use, never mind that the same could be done back to me, Siv could start with “Mr. Robin told me, telepathically of course, that {Insert heinous, spurious, deleterious, usurping, false, or true, statements that damage, and malign, *HERE*} so we all know what that really means, but don’t tell him I told you that!”…..and me, wouldn’t have a clue, reputation is damaged(?), all kinds of FBS* goes flying around and I would have no control over my own reputation, never mind my life! (Hey, it seems just like that now! Except that I know who is responsible for what I am presently experiencing, or better said, lacking as my experience)

    I remember that once(?) in my life, someone, a woman, came to me, telling me about this dream she had had. She told it, as if I had been, literally, a part of it, something that I had wondered about, as she seemed to keep pressing this idea of wanting to make it true. (Sex I suspect, from the ‘nudge’ ‘nudge’ ‘wink’ ‘wink’ attitude she displayed)

    I had not wanted to have anything to do with this person, I had made that clear to her, some time past, (at least I had tried to) but she seemed to be insistent that, somehow, her dreaming about me, meant that I had changed my mind.
    In the ensuing time, I went to the records of my ‘time’ that I used to keep for work purposes, and I noted the date/night that she had claimed to have had the Dream about me. Turns out that that had been a night that I had been working a wheel loader, on the highway, clearing snow. It is a 15 metric ton machine that can fit a small car into it’s snow bucket, and is something that, when you operate it, on something like a provincial highway, (which is one of the things that I have done in my life) you had better be paying attention to exactly what you are doing, as just about any ‘simple mistake’, can cost people their lives. (safety first!)

    So to the best of my knowledge, this person had a dream, and it was fabricated entirely in her head, had absolutely nothing to do with me, but I doubt that you could have ever gotten her to believe that, as she seemed to be convinced that I had somehow been involved. It amazes me, what people can believe in, when the choose to.

    Operating a machine like that takes all of your concentration, ‘three hands’ at minimum, and I still cannot figure out why this person seemed to adamantly believe that I had, somehow, had something to do with this dream. I had worked my butt of that night trying to get as many of the ‘points’ of the highway cleared of snow, that and having to try to get the guy in the sign pickup (the one with the HUGE flashing arrow) behind me, to stay awake, and keep following me as I went from exit to exit. (It’s a really boring job driving that truck all night, I’ve done that too)

    So back to the telepathing, lets see, if one person could ‘broadcast’ their thoughts, to another, and the other and the broadcaster both knew it was occurring, wouldn’t the ‘other’ be required to be a ‘broadcaster’ as well, in order for the originator of the broadcast to ‘hear’ a response?

    WOW, thinking about this a little, I suspect that, even if I knew I could do telepathy, No chance would I tell anyone! as apparently the manners of abusing someone, who could do that, seem rather onerous, numerous, and just not worth the, well, whatever ‘fame’ being a telepath, would get you! (Probably not much more then having to become people’s little “Dog and Pony Show”, that’s not any fun, is it?)

    Any comments? (Siv, did you know I had thought of you while typing this??)

    (*FBS = Flatulated Bovine Scats, not what YOU thought)
  21. Apr 23, 2003 #20
    BTW, just as an 'add' to it all, given your knowledge of just how people lie, self deceive, abuse, corrupt for there own purposes, usurp, desire, (Heck Lu$t) abase, and just plain SCR*W you over, would you admit it? if you were a telepath?

    Clearly in my life I have had a 'couple' of episodes where people seemed to think that I knew things, that I, clearly, hadn't had a clue about, but as it is at that point that I would be required to prove a negative, ("I didn't know") I simply ignored the (insert struckout word "Idiots" *HERE*) people and continued on about my own business, leaving them to there own 'self deception', as clearly that is all it could have been, Them, fooling themselves!

    Some fun, eh Bambi!
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