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Telepathy: The Guardian

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    Ivan Seeking

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    Just his team?

    I'm an enthusiast and a skeptic. I think there is something out there we haven't explained yet (cliche, yes) but gotta watch it. Remember, he said 'suggests' not 'flat out says'.

    However, a close family member of mine reported to have woken up one night and predicted a male child would be born in our family at some point. It was not long afterward that we did learn another close family member was pregnant with a 'boy'. Also, this close family member claims that she sometimes senses her dead relative in the room with her (ie through a very specific smell).


    Pre-existing belief in psi phenomena (conditioning), a relaxed demeanor (more in tune with input stimulus received) and being a little odd (in other words, you may see things but it boils down to you being more likely to see things). So you see, there are a lot of things to look in.

    I'm not trying to debunk this but it seems inadequate. There is still a lot more to look into. Just remember, people are more keen than you might imagine. Maybe it doesn't require paranormal abilities to read other people (we know this as fact).

    But, check out:

    Twin Telepathy - the psychic connection

    By Guy Lyon Playfair

    There is certainly intersting stuff. Maybe I sound a bit crack pot but we still don't know exactly how the human mind works. Just let the speculation stop there; before it begins. Unless of course, you just want to have fun with the idea. Then I'm all ears because I am wanting fun to :)
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