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Telephone Towers

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    so we took a drive up into the mountains about 2 hours from pittsburgh, ligoner area, anyway at the top of the mountain there was 2 towers for long distance telephone transmission and the driveway said at&t so we went down the driveway and drove up to the area where the towers were. the place was deserted and kind of creepy and on the fence there was a radiation warning due to high frequency transmission. is this harmful? or is there anywhere i could find more info on these towers?
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    Did it look anything like THIS? Assuming it was operational (looks like those things are being shut down), its only really harmful if you're there for a long time. I was in the navy and I'd stand next to that sign at my lookout post several times a day for a five months. I haven't yet had a chance to test my fertility, but I'm not worried...
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    why yes in fact it did but there were 2 towers and those polyhedron looking thingys were bigger
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