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Teleportation & EPR

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    Hi everybody,

    I'm trying to study the topic of teleportation, and thus want to understand the EPR paradox.
    could you reffer me to some readings?
    (I have only basic background with quantum mechanics, so I would appreciate some basic explanations on reality, locallity, the paradox itself, etc.)

    if you have some nice observations that I can learn from, you are of course very very welcomed to post them here too.

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    What reason do you have to think that EPR has anything to do with teleportation?
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    Googling 'Quantum Teleportation' will bring up lots of articles on the subject. If you're looking for a book then you might find David Darling's Teleportation: The impossible leap of interest (link is to my review of the book)
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    I know that quantum tunneling is, in a sense, a type of "teleportation" but my question still is, what does that have to do with EPR?
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