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Teleportation fidelity?

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    In general teleportation protocol, an entagled pair is used as a source for teleporting an unknown quantum state and the fidelity, which depends on the source characteristics, is defined as the resemblance of final state to the teleportated state .
    Suppose we have given a density matrix for an entangled pair of bits. If we intend to use this state as a source for teleportation, how can we explicitly determine teleportation fidelity for this state? Anyone knows an article for this ?
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    Its been considered many times.

    Note that there are various possibilities - you can try and purify the mixed state first and then teleport, for example. There are generally two competing factors - the efficiency (how often it works) and the fidelity (how close to the original state the output is).

    Type teleportation "mixed states" into google and look for papers by Frank Verstraete amongst others...
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    Thank you, i will look.
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    It's to bad Photon Teleportation could not be used to store Photons in an endless loop for storing it's energy potential.

    Or is it?:bugeye:
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    Actually in the process that is misleadingly called "teleportation" is just for carrying(?!) the quantum state so you dont "store light between to particle" (also process's speed is classicaly bounded).
    You need something else to store light, for instance a medium which decreases the speed of light.
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    I have heard that one may assume the prepared state, i.e. the state to be teleported between Alice and Bob, is known to a third person, e.g., Charlie. This might be true if it was Charlie who prepared the state. He could then verify if teleportation was successful.

    But I think there are some problems with that approach, such as, why doesn't Charlie just tell Bob what the state should be to begin with...
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    Way off topic here, but there are two other interesting possibilities for storing photons/energy.

    1. Slow Glass - a method of slowing photons down as they move through a material.

    2. An optical black hole.
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