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Teleportation of particles

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    If we measure the location of an electron in atom once and then again instantly, we would cause the collapse of the wave-function twice in some time interval and the object has a probability of being in a distanced location in regard to the location of previous measure (for example, we measure the position of electron once and it is in location A, and then instantly we measure it again and the electron is in location B, which is at distance x from A).

    So, suppose we measure the location of electrons quickly enough (in small time intervals), is there a possibility that the electron will overcome the distance of x faster than the speed of light - simultaneously?
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    No, the 2nd measurement will show that the electron is still in location A.
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    What if you measure the momentum between the position measurements?
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    Then the system could be at location B at the 2nd position measurement.
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