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Teleportation Record Broken

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    So amazing to see scientists realize ftl information transfer, while others battle to prove it's impossible :)
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    Yes but the problem is that it doesn't seem to break that idea.
    "But this group of engineers claim to have overcome these challenges, using a 1.3 watt laser to ensure the beam connecting the twin photons stays on target. "

    That means it is still limited by the speed of light, the rule for ftl information transfer it that it is still limited by the speed of light as the information given by the particle is useless by itself.
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    You are forgetting that (i) there is nothing MOVING at FTL and (ii) the photons that were sent STILL had to move at c, not more.

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    You are obviously citing this:

    whereas my statement was based on the earlier:

    From previous experiements done by Zeilinger and co. i remember reading it was done employing glass fibers, not through the air as it appears from the article:

    The way i read "The data doesn't travel through physical space, and therefore is much harder to be hacked or intercepted." seem to indicate the photons didn't travel through the laser beam(i am not certain anything travels at all during these types of experiments, it seems no). I'd love to see the original paper though.
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    The statement "The real-world application of this research is the potential for instant data transfers" is false. These scientists have not realized "ftl information transfer". This is simply another all too common case of press releases run amok.
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    Yes, just saw the paper and the set-up they used. The article is a gross misrepresentation.
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    what a crappy article that uses the worst/misleading terminology possible.

    One of my favorite lines from the article,

    "The data doesn't travel through physical space, and therefore is much harder to be hacked or intercepted."

    lol, too funny. It also makes it much harder to believe, test & prove.

    btw shouldn't this thread be removed since it links to non-sense.
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    Is the to be teleported photon in a definite polarisation prior to teleportation? (I realise the actual photon is NOT teleported, just its state).

    I ask because it seems they use a HWP etc, but does this create a definite polarisation? My guess is not because there is undefined input into the plate, but this is only a guess.
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    My understanding is NOTHING is teleported.

    The correlation between the two photons "state(s)" is established when the two share the same spacetime. From that point of origin, any separation between the two is moot with respect to their "relationship".

    They are "twins" no matter how far apart they are. Determine a particular "state" of one, know a particular "state" of the other.

    For me the cool part of "entanglement" is that this correlation between the two separate photons "uncertainty/probability" is clearly very "real". Sorry for the poor wording.
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